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No frills, no gimmicks, no pretence SIMPLY DYLAN is John O'Connell's personal exploration and celebration of the rich and diverse work of Bob Dylan. John O'Connell, a rare talent who has had his name indelibly written in to the tapestry of Liverpool's music scene, has collaborated with other highly reputable musicians from the city to form his Dylan Band.


It is their precise playing and high energy renditions of Dylan's work from the 1970s onwards which has gathered momentum and generated incredible interest. From a modest project recognising Dylan's 70th Birthday in 2011 Simply Dylan has gone from selling out the Cavern Club 6 times, to receiving fantastic reviews from the Spanish Press, to impressing Dylan fans from across the UK on their Tours with SJM Concerts.


No ordinary interpretation, this is a remarkable and exceptional project which promises to delight Dylan fans young and old and to ignite a new wave of passion for one of the world's most prodigious songwriters.

"I went to see Johnny O'Connell playing Simply Dylan at the Cavern Liverpool and it  was

absolutely stunning. Johnny is one of the most talented musicians I have come  across

and his Dylan set is effortlessly brilliant."

Peter Hooton, The Farm  

"  Simply Dylan in Blackpool... I had a great time on Friday listening to Johnny  O’Connell playing simply  Dylan for around 2 hours. Normally I don’t like Dylan  'covers' but this  guy  is different. He’s  

 not an  impersonator, more an interpreter and  an accomplished  musician and singer to boot. This 

 was great fun and an ideal way to meet up with  friends and to get in the mood for the show. He 

 was only going to  do  two gigs, one on  the Friday and the other on Sunday but, by popular

demand, he performed on Saturday  as well..."


John Baldwin, Desolation Row Information Service